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Our 360-Degree Distribution platform provides comprehensive exposure across multiple channels, increasing brand awareness, user engagement, website traffic and partner bookings.

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Travelzoo: a brand you can trust
Our standard of excellence has helped us become a trusted publisher of travel, entertainment and local deals.
Publishing deals since 1998
Publicly traded on the NASDAQ - ticker symbol TZOO
Winner of 2012 EPPY Award for Best Travel Website
Named World's Leading Travel Deals Website at the 2013 World Travel Awards
Our reach spans the globe
We work with advertisers around the world to vet compelling deals that stimulate and capture the demand of a global audience of travel enthusiasts.
We reach a quality audience of more than 100 million.
28 million
70 million+
users via Travelzoo Partnerships
3.5 million+
social media users worldwide
Travelzoo members are...
Established   |   74% are age 45+
Worldly   |   85% have a valid passport
Affluent   |   41% earn $100k+ annually
Smart   |   91% are college educated
Consumers   |   64% are female
We drive bookings direct to you
We drive active users directly to your website or call center to book.
The result? A high volume of direct, incremental sales.
Direct bookings allow you to...
Increase traffic
to your website or call center
Save money
and avoid the higher costs of OTAs
Build loyalty
with one-to-one consumer relationships
Incremental sales. Major results.
Our members are incremental purchasers who took
3+ leisure trips during the last year.
56% of our members booked an incremental trip
because they felt the Travelzoo deal was
too good to pass up!