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Featured Destination Page

The Featured Destination page is a customized micro-site that drives awareness and bookings for your destination through editorial, photos, branding and compelling deals. Travelzoo's 360-Degree Distribution platform increases brand awareness, user engagement, website traffic and partner bookings to a large, qualified audience. Your page is promoted as the first link in the Travelzoo Top 20® and is featured throughout Travelzoo Syndication and social media platforms.

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Travelzoo users spent more than 4,000 hours on the Visit Barbados Featured Destination page

  • Experienced publisher

    Travelzoo is a respected publisher with a history of stimulating incremental travel through compelling deals.
  • Branding & tactical platform

    The Featured Destination product fuses inspiring editorial and photos (branding) with compelling deals (tactical) to motivate users to travel now.
  • Quality audience

    Travelzoo boasts an affluent audience of 60 million+ users, which provides greater reach and higher efficiency as compared with traditional marketing.
  • Proven performance

    Travelzoo stimulates and captures demand for destinations and their partners.
Specific offers create urgency to book and help sales during key need periods. Roll over the images below for more details.

Our 360-Degree Distribution platform provides comprehensive exposure across multiple channels. Featured Destination Distribution Platform