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Solutions for Spas

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Spas from around the world work with Travelzoo to attract an upscale, mature clientele with the opportunity and means to indulge in premium experiences.

Local Deals

Local Deals generates new customers for spas through geo-targeted email alerts promoting a single, time-sensitive offer. By showcasing outstanding experiences to our members through both email and website placements, you gain access to high quality customers, fill key need periods, and attract both local customers and travelers.
  • Generate business locally and nationwide

    Our members are avid travelers and are open to new opportunities and experiences both at home and on vacation.
  • High quality customers

    Our members are affluent, mature, worldly and smart.
  • High volume

    Travelzoo email alert drives a high volume of incremental sales.
  • Editorial endorsement

    You benefit from Travelzoo's powerful editorial endorsement.
  • Direct bookings

    Travelzoo email alert drives immediate volume. Members contact your business directly to book, so you control the customer relationship.
  • Travelzoo support

    Your company receives valuable support from Travelzoo, including offer evaluation and testing.
1 How it works Our team of Deal Experts vets each experience, and works with you to ensure that your offer provides the best possible value to our members.
2 How it works

Your offer is promoted as a high-quality editorial feature and delivered through an email to opt-in members who are locals and active leisure travelers.

Your offer is also published online at »

3 How it works

Each qualified offer links to a dedicated page providing third-party endorsement through Travelzoo's compelling editorial.

4 How it works

Members purchase the Local Deal voucher directly from Travelzoo.

You receive payment on all vouchers sold and can access a list of buyers in the Merchant Center.

Local Deals is strategically designed to create urgency to purchase. Roll over the images below for more details.

Benefits for Spas

  • Fill appointment times that would otherwise go empty
  • Leverage all fixed costs by generating an incremental clientele
  • Benefit from the editorial endorsement of a trusted source
  • Gain exposure to millions of affluent locals and travelers
  • Increase the brand recognition of your spa
  • Increase word of mouth marketing by attracting influential consumers

How does Travelzoo influence consumers at every stage of the buying process?

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