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Destinations of all sizes and locations work with Travelzoo to showcase their unique experience through a singular combination of editorial content and compelling experiences broadcast across multiple channels.

Featured Destination page

The Featured Destination page is a customized micro-site that drives awareness and bookings for your destination through editorial, photos, branding and compelling deals. Travelzoo's 360-Degree Distribution platform increases brand awareness, user engagement, website traffic and partner bookings to a large, qualified audience. Your page is promoted as the first link in the Travelzoo Top 20® and is featured throughout Travelzoo Partnerships and social media platforms.

Travelzoo users spent more than 4,000 hours on the Visit Barbados Featured Destination page

  • Experienced publisher

    Travelzoo is a respected publisher with a history of stimulating incremental travel through compelling deals.
  • Branding & tactical platform

    The Featured Destination product fuses inspiring editorial and photos (branding) with compelling deals (tactical) to motivate users to travel now.
  • Quality audience

    Travelzoo boasts an affluent audience of 60 million+ users, which provides greater reach and higher efficiency as compared with traditional marketing.
  • Proven performance

    Travelzoo stimulates and captures demand for destinations and their partners.
Specific offers create urgency to book and help sales during key need periods. Roll over the images below for more details.

Our 360-Degree Distribution platform provides comprehensive exposure across multiple channels. Featured Destination Distribution Platform

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content is custom content utilizing storytelling, photos and video to create awareness, stimulate engagement with the brand and activate potential travelers. Sponsored Content is created in collaboration with you and delivered across our 360-Degree Distribution platform.

Authentic stories from trusted experts
Content rich stories written by Travelzoo editorial talent.

  • Reach engaged audience through multi-channel distribution strategy

    • Email: Reach engaged travelers via emails.
    • Social: Reinforce message via social channels.
    • Web: Traffic drivers across Travelzoo website.
  • 3rd party trusted endorsement

    Leverage publisher with over 18 years of experience.
  • Activation

    Call to action at bottom of article to drive bookings.
  • Campaign effectiveness

    Comprehensive report with key metrics and analysis.
1 How it works Content Creation
Travelzoo journalists collaborate with partner to develop custom content to inspire and educate about the destination.
2 How it works Distribution
Travelzoo distributes the content through email, social, web and syndication channels.
3 How it works Engagement + Activation
Travelzoo audience engages with content – reading, sharing, watching – to inspire and activate through deals.
Our 360-Degree Distribution platform provides comprehensive exposure across multiple channels. Sponsored Content Distribution Platform

Travelzoo Partnerships

Travelzoo Partnerships captures demand from more than 70 million users actively researching travel. CPC offers are promoted across Travelzoo’s global websites and through a network of more than 350 news and lifestyle websites including Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and AOL Travel. This powerful combination puts your deals in the competitive set when users are interested in booking travel.

A Chicago hotel generated a 42:1 return through Travelzoo Partnerships

  • Flexible, turn-key solution

    Our CPC program is a flexible solution using existing offers to help advertisers accomplish key objectives.
  • Capture demand

    Your offer benefits from Travelzoo's powerful editorial endorsement.
  • Incremental demand

    Reach consumers who are looking to travel.
  • Qualified traffic

    Target consumers when they are actively searching to travel to your destination.
  • Multiple platform distribution

    Promote your deals across Travelzoo's global websites and through a network of more than 350 news and lifestyle websites.
  • Performance-focused solution

    You only pay when a user shows interest and actually clicks on the offer.
1 How it works CPC listings rotate through relevant site sections based on your objectives.

Users click on the headline to access deal details on the Travelzoo website. Or they can be directed immediately to your booking engine.
2 How it works Travelzoo's compelling editorial provides endorsement for your offer.
3 How it works Members are directed to your website or call center to book.
Our targeted, performace-based solution reaches across Travelzoo and Network sites. Roll over the images below for more details.

How does Travelzoo influence consumers at every stage of the buying process?

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